Third Eye Blind – Blinded

It’s late, so this first post will have to be quick.

I just stumbled across a Third Eye Blind song I hadn’t heard before, called “Blinded (When I See You)”. I must admit that 3EB had pretty much been a 90s-exclusive band for me, and I never really looked into any of their stuff beyond Blue (released in 1999).

But recently I was on a bit of a kick and decided I should see what stuff they’ve put out in the new millennium. “Blinded” is an utter gem, a classic 3EB-sounding song from their 2003 release Out of the Vein. If you’ve listened to any 3EB at all, you must know that frontman Stephan Jenkins is just a magnificently horny bastard who does not shy away from injecting his unfiltered, X-rated thoughts right into the lyrics of his songs. “Blinded” truly epitomizes this fact. Can’t stop listening to this song right now.


~ by Marcus on 01/24/2012.

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