I’m on a Weakerthans kick

The Weakerthans are pretty much my favorite thing to come out of Canada since Barenaked Ladies (who, by the way, are in my overall top 5 favorite bands). I first heard them when their song “Aside” was featured during the credits of “Wedding Crashers” – it literally caught my attention as I was walking out of the movie theater, and I’ve been hooked since. I’m posting two other songs by them here.

“Night Windows” is a simple, sad tune. The words are poetry, describing themes of loss and remembrance.  The repetitive, acoustic feel of the guitar and drumbeat to this song is one of my favorite little melodies.

But to balance out the somberness with something more upbeat, here’s another one of my favorite Weakerthans songs – “This is a Fire Door Never Leave Open”. It’s folksy rock with a more optimistic sound and equally eloquent vocals.

Something about the line, “I love this place, the enormous sky…” just makes me smile.


~ by Marcus on 02/20/2012.

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