Atlas Genius – Trojans

Tell me, loyal readers/listeners (or, y’know, probably not), what do you think of this song? I can’t quite make up my mind about it. This is the debut single from indie Australian rock group Atlas Genius and it’s been playing nonstop on SiriusXM Alt Nation. Like another song I picked up recently from that station, this one caught my attention because it has a highly repetitive, catchy chorus and quickly becomes an earworm. But something about it just hasn’t quite grabbed me. The sound is a little hollow in places, and while I like what they’re trying to do with the lyrics, it’s just not quite there. I don’t know. But I keep listening to it anyhow. This is rather wishy-washy of me.

I guess it kinda just sounds like a typical “indie” song – not enough in the way of musical creativity, oversimplified lyrics that don’t quite stick, something along those lines.


~ by Marcus on 02/27/2012.

One Response to “Atlas Genius – Trojans”

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