How about this one?

Like Atlas Genius, California rockers Young the Giant also had their first single initially placed on the alternative rock charts. Again, I first heard it playing over and over on Alt Nation. But somewhere along the way, it gained enough popularity to cross over into mainstream airplay and hit it big. “Cough Syrup” is now all over the radio, and there’s even an acoustic version playing on some of the “coffeehouse” stations. And you know it truly arrived when it received the Glee treatment last week (spoiler alert if you haven’t watched).

There’s a reason this song has gotten far more airplay than “Trojans” – it’s a more complete, radio-ready single. Some critics have noted that it still feels like formulaic, “anthemic” rock, but I think it’s got a good, fresh sound.  It took me a few listens before it caught on – something about the imagery of swallowing cough syrup as a metaphor for breaking free from the tribulations of life still seems sort of  goofy to me. But overall I’m a fan.


~ by Marcus on 02/28/2012.

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