Did you know that Rick Astley is making new music??

(Hat tip to my buddy Dan for pointing this one out.)

It’s true. I mean, he had a smattering of success with other singles after “Never Gonna Give You Up”, but he didn’t have a charted single in the UK from 1993 until 2010. That’s when he released “Lights Out”, which I just heard for the first time a few weeks ago. And it’s… actually pretty good.

Granted, it has a pretty formulaic “pop/rock” sound, but it’s catchy enough that it’s kept me listening. I’m linking the music video here instead of just a Grooveshark player for two reasons: (a) He’s now 46 years old, which means that it’s no longer visually hilarious to see that voice emanating from that man-boy, but (b) He still has the same awkward and hilarious sense of “dance moves” that just make it look like he’s lost in front of a camera. (Seriously, what the hell is he doing with his arms in these rooftop scenes?)

If nothing else, there’s entertainment value in the comparison between this video and—well, you know.


~ by Marcus on 03/19/2012.

One Response to “Did you know that Rick Astley is making new music??”

  1. Not only do I really like this song, but I also really like the video (a rarity for me these days). Between the shots of him on top of the building and in the arena, it gives a very global feel to what is otherwise a very personal song. But it’s done in a way where it doesn’t lose its personal appeal. The use of lights also contributes to such a warm, intimate atmosphere, which not only makes the video more inviting, but also ties right in to the song.

    I especially love the effect in the arena at around 2:30.

    And oh yes, the awkward-hand dance moves are back with a vengeance. Gotta love it.

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