Can your heart really be “jet lagged”?

I’m not gonna lie – I was a big Simple Plan fan in like, middle school. I mean, that’s the target audience they tend to write songs for, anyways (remember “I’m Just a Kid” and “Welcome to My Life”?). They play angsty, anthemic teen rock. It’s their niche. And they’ve stuck with it, even a decade after they first hit it big. By now, they’re too old to play this stuff, and their fanbase is too old to listen to it. Oh well.

Nevertheless, “Jet Lag” caught on with me, partially for nostalgia’s sake, and partially because, while the sound is the same, it’s at least lyrically a little more mature. And the duet here with Natasha Bedingfield is actually not bad. I heard it out of the blue on the satellite radio a few weeks ago, which surprised me because I really didn’t know they were still around and making new music. I hadn’t heard anything since their album “Still Not Getting Any…” (which is just the angstiest album name) was topping charts in like 2004-2005. Apparently they’ve even had a few more radio singles on their 2 albums since, one eponymous (2008) and one called “Get Your Heart On!” (2011), a punch line in and of itself.

Anyways, this is just another typical Simple Plan song, half a decade later, but I still like it.



~ by Marcus on 05/28/2012.

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