Delayed lyrical resolution

Two songs, one newly discovered and one by a favorite band, are unique in my mind for this particular sort of wordsmithery, in which the last line of the chorus is arrested until the final words of the song. It’s a nifty trick of poetry and I just made up a technical sounding name for it. Listen to the songs and you’ll know what I’m talking about.

Funny story about “Finding a Light” by Aereogramme: I heard it on Pandora literally 3 months ago, and wrote a note to myself on my iPod to find it and download it. And that note sat unread on my iPod until today. And then I rediscovered it and listened to this song and remembered that it’s pretty neat. It’s sorta minimalist post-rock-esque with airy vocals; a very tranquil sound. Sweet.

The other song exhibiting delayed lyrical resolution is a great one, “Someone Else’s Arms” by the under-appreciated Mae (though the song title sorta ruins the surprise lyric here). This is the first track on their concept album “The Everglow”, and it’s one of my favorite albums of all time, no question.

Mae released a few albums, did a few tours, and then shifted gears and did something pretty cool and humanitarian: They began a year-long project in which they released one new song monthly, available as a free download in exchange for a donation to the charity organization of the month. The resulting songs of that project were, to me, even more emotionally charged and powerful than their preceding records, if only because of the cause behind them. They toured throughout the year (and even came to Cat’s Cradle in Carrboro, twice!) and put on great shows. Sadly, though, it ended up being somewhat of a farewell tour, because after the year was up they disbanded and went their separate ways. (So, too, has Aereogramme broken up). But they made some great music together and did some cool things. I’m still a huge Mae fan.

So there you have it. Anyone else know any songs with delayed lyrical resolution? I’m curious if more bands do it. Maybe it’s not such a rarity.


~ by Marcus on 08/01/2012.

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