The brain does silly things.

So I’m sitting in biochemistry lecture this morning, intently focused on listening to lecture and taking notes. We have a test on Thursday, so I’m definitely absorbed in the material, trying to make sure I catch every tidbit the professor tosses out there about the test and whatnot. We get to a pause in the material as the professor is erasing the chalkboard, and I just kinda sit back and suddenly start listening to my own brain, which just happens to be passively running a song through my head that I literally haven’t heard in 6 months:

Same thing happens to me later at home as I’m doing homework. I had just finished a problem that required thinking and drawing structures in my notebook, and as I stop concentrating for a second I hear another totally random song just bumping around inside my eardrums:

What is that? How did those songs randomly appear in my brain? How did they catch on in my head while I was intently focused on something entirely different? What random triggers did my brain catch on to randomly jump to those songs? Both of those songs are okay, but I’m not crazy about them. I can’t think of any strong associations I have for them, and I definitely hadn’t heard them in months.

It’s just so bizarre. And I love that I like, tuned back into my own brain and started listening to the song in my head. I mean – anyone, if you have music playing in the background while you’re doing homework or focusing on something else, you can like, tune back into the music after a second and realize you hadn’t even heard that song playing until just then, right? It’s like I had my earbuds in with the iPod on shuffle, except it was inside my brain.

I’m not crazy, right? Other people do this too?


~ by Marcus on 09/11/2012.

One Response to “The brain does silly things.”

  1. […] As previously discussed here, when you zoom back out from an intense focus or you come back to reality from a good stream of consciousness, it’s funny what you stumble upon when you sort of “tune back in” to your own brain. For me, it’s random songs that I haven’t listened to in months or years, coming out of nowhere. Two more popped up in my brain today while raking. […]

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