Take a walk. Talk a walk. Take a walk.

Passion Pit is one of those bands that I’ve always heard about as being pretty good, I should check them out, I’d like them, etc. But it’s so much easier to just keep listening to the same music you know you like than to try new things, right? So I hadn’t really sought them out. Ah well.

“Take a Walk”, the lead single from their new album, came on AltNation on the radio in my car the other day, so I listened to it. It’s got a cool sound – I like the synthy runs throughout. Reminds me of MGMT. But the verses kinda lose me a little – they’re a bit lengthy and uninteresting. And for some reason the non-rhyming lines annoy me… but the bridges and chorus are good, if not overly repetitious.

Man, I’m writing a pretty lukewarm review here. It’s one of those songs where I like the sound, but I’m not gonna listen to it over and over. Do Passion Pit have other songs worth listening to?


~ by Marcus on 09/13/2012.

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