The brain does silly things. Part 2.

I raked leaves in my backyard today for about an hour and a half. Raking leaves is one of many mindless tasks you do in which you can totally zone out, think about other things, or just let your mind wander (kinda the definition of mindless, I suppose).

As previously discussed here, when you zoom back out from an intense focus or you come back to reality from a good stream of consciousness, it’s funny what you stumble upon when you sort of “tune back in” to your own brain. For me, it’s random songs that I haven’t listened to in months or years, coming out of nowhere. Two more popped up in my brain today while raking.

“Konstantine” by Something Corporate is an absolute doozie, one of the most intensely personal songs I’ve ever heard. The violently raw emotion of the song is entirely genuine, as lead singer Andrew McMahon wrote the song for an ex-girlfriend after a tumultuous relationship, and at times I almost feel uncomfortable listening to it. It’s straight out of an angst-filled, teenaged diary, describing the moodiness and heartache of that first weird relationship(‘s ending). It’s awkward. It’s haunting. And as far as I can decipher it is 100% unrelated to raking leaves in your backyard…but what do I know.

Shifting gears entirely, at some point later on I arrived at this song. “Richard Cory” may be Simon and Garfunkel at their angriest and most vindictive (though, admittedly, I am far from an expert on the duo). The song comes from their iconic 1966 album “The Sounds of Silence”, and it underscores certain themes of wealth and greed and social class that surely endure today. It’s a story that has always existed. On a simpler level, it’s a cool song. Even the opening notes of the first bass lick have an angry sound to them that carries throughout, and the story ends with a bit of a kicker that’s at the same time entirely unsurprising. A quick Google search reveals that this song is an adaptation of a poem written in 1897 by Pulitzer Prize winner Edwin Arlington Robinson, and that Simon and Garfunkel are far from the only musicians to put the verses to song.

Anyways, cool stuff as always. I wonder what new old songs my brain will drum up the next time I’m washing the dishes or walking to the bus stop. Stay tuned.


~ by Marcus on 12/18/2013.

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