Sometimes I think thoughts about music, and I feel like sharing them. Sometimes a song gets so stuck in my head that I just want everyone else to listen to it too. I think that’s what I’m shooting for here. Inspiration comes from random places, but I’ll admit that this blog is largely dependent on the “shuffle” feature of my iPod/iTunes, or the music I come across on SiriusXM radio.

I’ll also point out that when I attempt to write about music, I find that my descriptive vocabulary is somewhat limited, and I end up repeating the same buzzwords endlessly. I’m going to call a lot of bands “unique” and describe a lot of songs as “catchy”. Ah well. If I start trying to get creative, I’ve been told I end up sounding “REALLY fucking dramatic”.

Incidentally, the title of this blog comes from a song by The Damnwells, who top my list of “Favorite bands that no one knows about”. I wish they were on the radio and stuff, because they’re awesome.

Anyways, in short:

I like music.
Sometimes other people like the music I like.
I like writing about music I like.
Sometimes other people like what I write about the music I like.

So I made a blog to write about music.


Come at me, bro.

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